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1 Raffles Pl

Level 63

Singapore 048616

Raffles Place


  • 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)


  • 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)


  • 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)

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  • 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day)


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The World's Highest Alfresco Bar at 282 metres above ground. 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar brings a new definition to living on the edge, boasting a truly spectacular unobstructed 360-degree view of Singapore. Soak in Singapore's best sunsets at the daily Sundown Affair from 6pm to 8pm for an after-work chill session. As sunset morphs into night, the party band entertain with Top 40s to refreshing cocktails whipped up by our mixologists, premium liqueurs and champagnes on offer; all complemented with delectable bar bites. The most extensive line-up of live bands and DJs of any single venue in Singapore sets the rooftop ablaze with hot dance beats from 10 pm till late.

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  • Photo of Allison Y.
    Allison Y.
    Los Altos, United States

    aesthetics: 5/5
    food: 5/5
    service: 5/5

    So glad my friend and I made a visit to 1altitude, aka the world's highest rooftop bar, while we were in singapore!! the view, drinks, and ambiance are VERY worth the slightly-steep $40ish entrance price.

    The price included 2 drinks and I ordered a pineapple juice with gin cocktail. As a lightweight, I asked for little alcohol, and my drink was pretty sweet with a very small amount of gin. It was made perfectly to my taste preferences, so I just couldn't help but ask for another one of the same cocktail.

    The main reason why we came to 1altitude was for the views. You take this very fast glass elevator to the bar (expect to get your ears popped), and once you're up there, there is a completely unobstructed view of singapore's skyline. If you come at night, there are lots of tables and seats that flash colors, making a fun backdrop for instagram drink boomerangs and an upbeat club-like atmosphere.

    although a lizard crawled into my drink while my friend and i were taking photos, i highly recommend checking out 1-altitude for their spectacular city views, awesome and unique drinks, and friendly service:)

  • Photo of Sudipto G.
    Sudipto G.
    Silicon Valley, United States

    Surprised that it took me so long to visit this place. Claiming to be the tallest bar in Singapore, the open roof top floor is surprisingly a nice place, even if it seems a little touristy. Weekdays are the time to go, Wednesdays is ladies night so they get 50% off on certain drinks. But this place is for the views, alcohol is just on the side. 360 degree views of Singapore from 70+ storeys tall. Wow, just wow.

  • Photo of Asma A.
    Asma A.
    Atlanta, United States

    So super pricey and not worth it. Going to the top costs $45sgd and you get 2 drinks. Those drinks have to be pre-selected downstairs and the options for those are very very limited and very basic. No cocktails.

    View is amazing, but the glass is dirty, plus light reflects on the glass. Staff is rude and horrible.
    Music is good, but besides the amazing view on the rooftop, it pretty much is okay. I know there are many other places you can go to with a view that are better than this.

  • Photo of Ryne D.
    Ryne D.
    Chicago, United States

    For someone who lives in a high rise, I surprised myself with how much vertigo I had going up here. I guess it's the open air environment, combined with being so close to some other tall buildings - when I start noticing how large some of these company's signs are, I begin to get a little dizzy!

    But that's what you're paying for when coming to 1-Altitude. We came before 9pm, and even though I had shorts and a backpack on with running shoes, I was allowed in on a Thursday evening. Since it was before 9, my wife and I paid 35 sgd (about $26 usd) cover each, but it came with two drinks.

    We were whisked over 900 feet into the air, to the point where the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel was below us. You're able to walk in a full circle around the building, giving you great views of downtown and across the ocean.

    My favorite part was, as the sun set, we were able to see the light show start at MBS. As that was happening, the cover band for the night started busting out some great pop hits I really enjoyed. It was a great combination.

    My advice: come early, enjoy your two drinks, and eat somewhere else after you're done taking in the views. The cover charge is well worth the pictures and the experience.

  • Photo of Tram N.
    Tram N.
    San Jose, United States

    Wonderful views of Singapore.

    My boss said it was cool to expense our lounge and bar visits even though I came here solely for the view.  I got all dressed up and met up w/ my colleagues. There is a cover charge ($45 SGD) and you can pick 2 drinks from the menu (a section only). I gave my 2 drinks to my colleagues. Am definitely not a drinker.

    There were a lot of people in their casual wear; cargo shorts, sneakers, flip flops, etc. so I felt a little over-dressed but for the first 20 minutes, I seemed to enjoy the vibes but after a few songs that reminded me of my kids, I felt sad and wasn't feeling the house music. I missed my kids.

    After going to the rooftop (call ahead because they do close it due to weather), I felt I had enough and left. My colleagues stayed but I chose to walk back to the hotel.

    I would recommend coming here once. Singapore is truly a breathtaking country where no one sleeps; bars and lounges close at 4AM. Alcohol is expensive from what I can see so but that did not stop people from getting trashed. I witnessed 2 girls fall as I was walking out and it terrified me. Control your fuckin' selves.

  • Photo of Carlos G.
    Carlos G.
    San Jose, United States

    The Bottom Line: At the world's highest open air rooftop bar, it's easy to have a good time with good food and drink, but you'll pay for the privilege.

    Singapore Sling

    If there's one reason to come here, it's for the view. Come at sunset for the best views and the best bang for your buck. The atmosphere is low-key but still clubby, so... it's a lounge.

    Come with friends, come alone (I did), it's worth it.

    It's pricy, but remember, you are paying for the gimmick and the views. Of course the food and drink will be expensive. At least the food and drink are decent, too.

    Photo of 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar - Singapore, Singapore. The views are just stunning!
  • Photo of Suzanne M.
    Suzanne M.
    Fort Myers, United States

    Put off by the price/drink fixed rate in the beginning, however, when we Got to the top, breathtaking views seemed to off-set the inconvenience. First drink couldn't taste any alcohol... bought a $45 2 drink premium ticket
    Had to flag down a server, could not locate the bar... so service could be better. Very friendly staff, but would  Not recommend...other rooftop bars don't capitalize

  • Photo of Stephanie Q.
    Stephanie Q.
    New York, United States

    Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right
    Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night, oh what a night!
    Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right
    Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night!

    Wednesday nights = Ladies night. No cover charge if you are a girl! Men, sorry, you will have to pay. Its $30 before 9pm and $35 after 9pm, inclusive of a drink. You could also get 2 drinks for $45. Hint: you get another free drink if you have certain Amex credit cards.
    The host will pass out a menu so that you can pick your drink and pay downstairs.

    When you go upstairs, proceed to the bar with your ticket. They have drinks like the Singapore Sling. The drinks were actually quite good. If i rains, you cannot stay on the rooftop. You will have to go down one level to an indoor club which is not as nice. So only go on days when its not raining.

    The outdoor rooftop bar offers fantastic views of Marina Bay Sands.

    On a Wednesday night, I will admit that the bar was pretty forgiving about the dress code. I saw people in sandals, and people carrying back packs. I am sure the dress code is a lot stricter during the weekends.

    If you are from out of town and looking for a nice outdoor rooftop bar, 1-Altitude is a great place to visit!

  • Photo of Esther A.
    Esther A.
    Las Vegas, United States

    So I have mixed reviews of this bar. First the positive aspects of this bar
    1. It's in the 63rd floor and it is one of the highest in the world if not the highest.
    2. The atmosphere is very chill and more touristy than local unless you come on the weekend.
    3. The service is friendly and on point
    4. An alcoholic beverage is free with entry

    Next the more negative aspect.
    1. Because it is such a high stories bar it's 30$ (Singapore dollar) per person from 6:30-9 pm then it's 35$ after 9 pm.
    2. Your entry only covers one drink.
    3. Food is hell-a expensive with a simple margarita pizza being 20$

    Overall: I wouldn't come to this rooftop bar again if I was in Singapore but i think it's worth coming once. My recommendation: come before 7 to get a table and watch the sunset and the city of Singapore come to life! (Try to get a table that faces marina sand bay and at 7:45 and 8:45 there is a light show at the super grove!

  • Photo of Lauren F.
    Lauren F.
    Los Angeles, United States

    This bar is one of the highest al fresco bars I have ever been to. It is definitely more of a night club feel rather than an intimate place and cover charge can be steep as well as are the price for drinks, however the view is definitely worth it! 360 degree views of all of Singapore. You get to truly experience the best views in Singapore! We went on a Wednesday which was Ladies night and this meant cover for us was free. They guys we were with had to pay cover, however this also included one free drink!

    Photo of 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar - Singapore, Singapore
    Photo of 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar - Singapore, Singapore

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