Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice

    $ Chicken Shop, Hainan
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    1 Kadayanallur St

    Stall 7

    Singapore 069184

    Tanjong Pagar


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    • Photo of Valerie P.
      Valerie P.
      Long Beach, United States
      1 May 2024
      1 check-in

      This was my first meal upon landing in Singapore and it did not disappoint!

      I ordered a large serving size of Hainanese Chicken Rice and got the set meal for a total of $8. This included broth, bok choy, and chili and oyster sauces. Everything was so delicious and I enjoyed the texture and flavors. The rice and chicken were cooked perfectly and were so tasty!

      Friendly service, short wait, cash only. ATM conveniently located within Maxwell FC.

      I definitely preferred Ah Tai to its competitors! (Especially the popular overhyped one just a few stalls down...)
      Poached chicken version only available here and they're closed on Tuesdays.

      If you have time for only one chicken rice joint, Ah Tai is the one. Trust.

      Large serving Hainanese Chicken Rice Set Meal $8 Soup, bok choy, egg, chili and oyster sauces make the complete meal.
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    • Photo of Tim C.
      Tim C.
      Burnaby, Canada
      10 Jun 2024

      First time here, ordered the half chicken

      Taste 0.5/1*
      Chicken was chilled, tender and juicy on the spot, the sauce was similar to Tian Tian, savoury, sweet, if had fresh could be the better one, but as we brought it home, the chicken quickly dries out for some reason

      Value 1/1*
      Cheaper than other store, aka good value

      Service 1/1*
      Fast and friendly

      Cleanliness 1/1*
      It's a hawker center

      Overall/Revisit 0.5/1*
      Might revisit if not in mood for other one, but definitely no take out

      Paying for ambience/reputation? 0/1*
      Above and beyond? 0/+1*

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    • Photo of Hazel J.
      Hazel J.
      Santa Monica, United States
      19 Feb 2024

      It's strictly ok to me

      I understand... this is nostalgic for people in singapore. But for me, this was basic and didn't have much redeeming value.

      Did a side by side of tian tian and ah tai hainanese chicken.

      I'm going to copy and paste this same review for Tian tian and ah tai.

      Tian tian: long wait (this is where the out the door line is). It moves fast but you also have to be pushy. The sauce had move flavor, and the chicken was more tender. Everything else was the same

      Ah tai: shorter wait, nicer people. The broth they added on the side was delicious. The chicken itself had more ginger flavor and was still very tender and moist.

      If I had my choice, I'd go be to ah tai because the broth is an added bonus, and the line is shorter.

      Tian tian on top, ah tai on bottom
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    • Photo of Jacky C.
      Jacky C.
      New York, United States
      2 Jun 2024

      I wanted to try Tian Tian for the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice, but it was a Monday so they were not open :( So my consolation prize was Ah Tai. Still worth trying both either way if you get the chance. It may appear basic, but it's a staple in Singapore.

      Hainanese Chicken Rice
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    • Photo of Helene S.
      Helene S.
      Bellaire, United States
      3 Nov 2023
      1 check-in

      Ask a local....or your Houston CM Jandito...for a recommendation.

      When in Singapore, eat Hainanese Chicken Rice.

      Visited the Maxwell Food Centre with our guide, Cheyenne, from Indie Singapore Tours. Had already bookmarked Ah Tai, but couldn't decide between that and Tian Tian. So interesting that the chef at Ah Tai used to be the chef at Tian Tian.

      The food at Ah Tia was so delicious. For 6 Singapore dollars, you get a generous serving of chicken rice with a boiled chicken on top and a soup. Add some thick soy sauce. Delicious!

      Note: the locals tend to go more to Ah Tai. The line was wrapped around the building with another tour group for Tian Tian.

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    • Photo of Jef B.
      Jef B.
      San Francisco, United States
      13 Dec 2023

      I prefer Ah Tai over the more famous shop a few stalls down. There were no lines and the couple working the stall were very friendly. They gave me my place of chicken and chicken rice, soup, and a saucer of chili sauce. I looked down and the woman then hands me another saucer of chili sauce and says "I better not see this in the trash, lah ". I mustered up my best Singlish and said "of course not, lah!" and we had a laughed.

      If you want the better chicken rice in Maxwell, go here!

      Ah Tai
      Chicken Rice
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    • Photo of Manish B.
      Manish B.
      St Petersburg, United States
      19 Sept 2023

      Everyone in Singapore says get the chicken and
      Rice. Looking at this dish looks so boring just plain looking chicken and plain looking rice.
      There was a good size line in front of this stall and the one next to it had a longer line, the guy in front of us said the other stall is more famous but this one tastes better - good enough for me.
      Wow I was surprised how good this seemingly boring dish tasted, so good we got another order.
      Tasted perfect with some Tiger beer we got from the stall next to it.
      This is in Maxwell Hawker Market next to MRT station across from Buddhist Tooth Temple that you should also check out.
      Yes a must try for anyone visiting Singapore.

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    • Photo of Huong L.
      Huong L.
      Seattle, United States
      15 Nov 2022

      We were debating between this place or the famous chicken rice place 2 stalls down and since this place has a shorter line, we went to this one instead :)

      Short history, the owner of this place use to be the head chef at the famous place for 20 years! He decided to open his own shop as a competitor hahaha

      The chicken and rice is really good. The rice is smooth and very fluffy and aromatic. The children is tender and juicy.

      Definitely worth a try

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    • Photo of Jessica F.
      Jessica F.
      Reno, United States
      20 Feb 2023

      I tried Ah Tai because tian tian is closed on Mondays and have no regrets! This is the perfect Hainanese chicken rice experience. The chicken is so moist and the sauce is a wonder sauce, I can dip anything in it. I got the combo for $6 Singaporean dollars with bok choy and soup which I highly recommend as the soup was life affirming and tasty. While chicken rice seems like an unassuming dish, I understand why Singaporeans are obsessed with it, everything you need in tasty, melt in your mouth morsels, hearty and so so affordable! Definitely worth a stop on any Singapore itinerary.

      Chicken rice
      Chicken with bok choy
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    • Photo of Ken C.
      Ken C.
      New York, United States
      4 Mar 2024

      I found their chicken rice is more tasty than the most popular place (just few stall next to them). There are few foodie blogger said the same thing this place is better. I just can't taste too much different between the chicken, but the rice and sauce definitely are more tasty. It is hard to explain and you just need to try it yourself. The service is fast and the ladies (casher) was very friendly. Make sure you bring cash at hawker center. Overall the experience is good. I tried both stall in the same time, and order small size to max out your stomach to taste all the good food at the center.

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