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    I know this question is going to be like asking a Melburnian where the best coffee in town is, but who does the best Chicken Rice in Singapore do you think?

    I'm counting down the days until I'm in your city again and get to eat it. Last time Terrence L took me to Tian Tian and it was amazing (totally worth the wait) but I want to be certain that I've covered all my bases and tried lots of variations before I declare it the best.

  1. yelp.com.sg/biz/wee-nam-…
    If you prefer roast chicken, then I think wee nam kee is better.

    I personally like boon tong kee's rice.

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    I completely agree with Nik. Wee Nam Kee for roast chicken, Boon Tong Kee for the most fragrant rice ever!

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    I vote for Pow Seng!!! It's run by a true blue Hainanese family (Hainanese people invented the chicken rice)! I should know. I am Hainanese.


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    Boon Tong Kee; are they a chain?  I count six locays, I wonder if they are all the same...

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    Definitely with Nik on this.

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    It's always gonna be Five Star for me. Less classy, more auntie power

  2. Hmm, I like boon tong kee's rice, but definitely not the chicken. The chicken there is always red and bloody, which grosses me out alot. And yes @timothy boon tong kee is a chain :(

    Sin Kee chicken rice is top for me. Used to be at Margaret Drive, now moved to Commonwealth Ave.

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    Im bookmarking like a maniac guys - thank you! You're awesome.

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    I'm with @Amanda with pow sing, plus they have a fantastic fried tofu dish :D

  3. @tresna let's do a chicken rice crawl when you hit SG? ;)

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    I personally also really like Chin Chin Restaurant on Purvis Street. yelp.com.sg/biz/chin-chi…
    It hasn't got the best chicken, or the best rice, or the best dishes in addition to chicken rice, but it's got all of those things at a very good level and very low cost!

    Beyond that I too am fan of Boon Tong Kee but will say that NOT ALL OUTLETS ARE EQUAL. I recommend the Balestier outlet above all others.

    And as much as people might hate me for it, my brother the great chicken rice affectionado still swears that Chatterbox yelp.com.sg/biz/the-chat… has the best chicken rice in Singapore. You're paying a lot, but I've always been of the opinion that we shouldn't shy away from paying more for local cuisine. Just because it's local doesn't mean it should come cheap. Good is good ey?

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    How much chicken rice do you reckon you could eat Nik? I think I'd have to tap out after a couple of serves.

  4. @tresna that's like asking a Caucasian how much beer he can possibly drink!? :-P

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    Hah good point Nik! Hopefully one day I get to see your chicken rice eating powers in action!

  5. @tresna am eagerly awaiting your arrival!:)

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    Hainanese boneless chicken rice at clementi avenue 2 is highly recommended :)

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    Evertop (forgot to input the name earlier) :)

    • Joe N.
    • Bukit Timah, Singapore

    When you're done with the chains and Travel Channel hype...


    Not that I'm partial or anything...

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    I like the look of their chilli sauce Joe! Bookmarking now :)

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    Katong Shopping Mall!!

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    Can't wait to try these out when I'm there next month : )

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    Frankly speaking the regular places I go to, standard has dropped.

    I like the chicken rice stall at Bukit Timah Food Centre, would recommend that one. Always long queue!

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