• 590 Upper Thomson Rd
    Singapore 574419
    4.0 star rating

    This hawker centre is actually quite the hole-in-the-wall hawker by standards of Maxwell, Hong Lim etc but it has its fanbase. From the Thomson estate areas to those visiting the nearby reservoirs, this place is quite the popular spot as can be seen on 1st Jan 2020 when I visited this place. The reason this place isn't as well known to the masses is.... the stalls are closed 3 or more days per week!

    But if you are lucky or familiar with the timings, you could be in for a real treat. Try the Jing Ji Fishball Noodles. Only $3 and they serve you liver, fish ball, minced meat, and more! Noodles is al dente. Uncle is a little slow though; he takes his time so queue can be half an hour or more!!

    Try the Teochew Minced meat noodles which has much lesser a crowd! The duck stall behind the fishball noodles stall is a stunner, with dark braised duck and sauce that makes this duck so succulent and savoury. Simple rules, follow the queue and you should be able to smell your way to delight.

  • 49A Serangoon Garden Way
    Singapore 555945
    5.0 star rating
    • First to Review

    This stall may not seem like it has any queues at all, and that might fool you, but it is a gem in Serangoon Gardens. When I first approached the uncle, he seemed a little fierce. But don't be offended; he is actually quite nice. We ordered the oyster omelette at $6 and it is the best I've had in Singapore. The dish came in a hot pan, sizzling. The egg is moist/wet and very good. The oysters are generous in serving and big and succulent. You could not have gotten more value than almost any place else in Singapore. Nowadays oysters dish are rarely the delight they used to be, due to hawkers cutting corners, cutting oyster amounts. Not this stall. I highly recommend this place and the craft and passion the owner has stuck to to bring this hawker dish to its original glory.

  • $$ Chinese
    2 Braddel Rd
    Singapore 359895
    5.0 star rating

    This place is not really a convenient location. Parking is atrocious and can cause quite a jam. I suggest you park at the housing estate nearby.

    This place is famous for their sambal fish and frog legs. Just the frog legs alone is worth your visit. The sauce is kick-ass! My first time using that word on Yelp. The sauce just coats perfectly on your porridge. Mike Chen, you gotta try this place. *Be glad to show you this place.*

    The spicy version is rather hot. I suggest ordering the non-spicy version and add chillies yourself. Their condiments is amazing. The chopped onions with lime/citrusy juice is just so perfect for the spicy frog legs. The smooth legs of the frogs is just even more tender than any chicken. Its a rather worthwhile death for the frogs if you lick em clean.

    Very clean eatery. Can be quite busy but service is efficient. Do be patient with them ya. Come slightly before dinner time like 5/6pm to avoid the crowds.

    3 frog legs for $16 while 2 frog legs for $13. It seems more value to get the 3 legs dish. Porridge is $2 or $3 for a pot and the $3 pot is really huge for groups of 3 or more. Even their vegetables like potato leaves, kailan is just so amazing! You can treat this as a semi chi-char place. This place is just the hush word for great food in this area. I'm just afraid this place be swarmed when the Michelin inspectors head over here.

  • $$$$ Bars, Italian
    36 Purvis St
    Singapore 188613
    4.0 star rating

    An exemplary italian fine dining restaurant. The staff service was top notch! The food was awesome! All the dishes were fine. Great place for a date and a romantic evening with awesome food!

  • 681 Punggol Dr
    Singapore 821669
    4.0 star rating
    21/10/2019 Updated review

    Their frog leg soup is a must order! Very herbal-y. Just wished they boiled their red dates longer in the soup as it was too hard and kinda inedible. The flavour of the red dates doesn't absorb into the soup then whats the point?

    Anyways I made feedback a few times on their super wet chopsticks. Nothing was done. Other than that still a great place to dine at.

    5.0 star rating
    21/4/2019 Previous review
    I could eat this once a week for months on end. Wait a min... I have been doing that!

    Consistency is…
    Read more
  • 201 Upper Thomson Rd
    Singapore 574343
    5.0 star rating

    Very very old school. When you come in, you feel like you are almost transported to the 1980s or a Hong Kong cafe movie set. The coin operated orange telephone reminds you of that.

    The squeaky bench that hadn't been replaced in decades had some flying insect lurking around.
    Because I was transported back in time, it seems like that can be forgiven.

    The food came... rice was flavourful, not too oily and just not as mushy as I expected. It was good. The chicken is not as tender as what you'd have at Tian Tian of course. But it is still very smooth. A little gelatinous chicken fat falls into the sauce. We ordered a $10 portion for two persons instead of the $8 and they were honest. Portions ain't too small. (They were flexible to accommodate whatever price for your chicken portion).

    The soups were also good recommendations. At $3 its almost too good to be true with two persons sharing. All the soups here are generally good. But I do have doubts why they add raw cabbages into it. As if to say this is old school and we do not care why.

    Then the surprising stunner. Bittergourd with eggs stir fried. It was awesome. We gobbled it all up. It was cooked so well we can't explain it. You still tastes the slight bitterness of the bittergourd but the eggs and sauce neutralises it to the degree that you do not mind.

    When comes the time for the bill, an old lady with a wide smile came over to us to bid us goodbye as if to say she will be here stuck in time till our next visit, in that time capsule restaurant, while we move on to the future. 5 stars for the nostalgia and the food that pairs with it.

  • 1 Vista Exchange Green
    Singapore 138617
    5.0 star rating
    • First to Review

    Very very aromatic coffee! Consistently thick and just so goood! The lurking chocolately-ness of the coffee is almost waiting to pounce on you as you have your sip. This place makes magic local Singapore coffee or what we call 'kopi'. Must-try!!

  • 301 Upper Thomson Rd
    Singapore 574408
    3.0 star rating

    Situated at a cosy corner at the 2nd level of Thomson Plaza. The service is enthusiastic and the food was ok.

    Their fish and chips was not bad. Fried with a very crusty batter and the fish flesh was smooth and good. Their chicken chops are tender and good. The disappointing one was their cajun chicken. There wasnt much cajun flavour, no spice, just more thyme and rosemary flavour overpowering the cajun spice. So you could skip that if you want something cajun.

    Nonetheless a very homely corner for a wuick bite.

  • 68 Serangoon Garden Way
    Singapore 555964
    4.0 star rating

    Surprisingly good poke bowl with generous toppings of onions, seaweed and fatty pork. It just tastes so good together!

    Their yakotoris are also very respectable. They have a wide selection of drinks and alcohol which you can come over as a yakitori time w friends over a beeer.

    The service is friendly generally. Tuesday nights they have ladies night - $10 free flow of drinks including alcohol. Pretty good deal.

  • 204 Bedok North St 1
    Singapore 460204
    4.0 star rating
    13/10/2019 Updated review

    Tried it again after many months. It's still good. The fried rice is good. The pork chop is softer and doesn't have as crisp a coating of the DTF crust. Ordered a spicy oil dumpling and its really very very spicy. The hot oil chilli was also hotter than usual. If you love spicier than DTF less the refine ness this is still a great place. Just wished they tamper down a little on their spiciness level ha!

    3.0 star rating
    27/1/2019 Previous review
    A chef from Ding Tai Fung set up his own coffee shop stall selling delectable dishes reminiscent of… Read more

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