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    • Watch Repair

      Serangoon Gardens, Singapore

      13 May 2013
      First to Review

      I chanced upon this place while looking around Serangoon Gardens trying to find a hardware shop - The owner Mr Willie Quek has lots of certificates and press coverage on his walls of his long distinguished years as the go-to guy to restore antique watches. He used to have a training school in the Kovan area but moved to Serangoon Gardens a few months ago with a more public retail face.

      I just needed to change the batteries on my watch on my totally not expensive hipster wooden watch, but he took my business anyway and changed two watch batteries for $30 - I'm not sure whether that's expensive or not, but I was just relieved to finally get my watch working again and not having to fiddle with it on my own and risk spoiling it!

      Oddly enough, there's a money changer in the store as well, but it was closed when I was there on Sunday. Watch enthusiasts should probably check it out, because there are also all these strange watch-making related machines displayed all over the shop as well.

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    • Singaporean

      Arab Street, Singapore

      13 May 2013
      First to Review

      A for Arbite is the branch of the original Arbite restaurant that's located in Serangoon Gardens. This one's got a hipper and more central location at the new Aliwal Arts Centre, and a slightly different menu too.

      Tried the set lunch which was pretty decent - a choice between truffle chicken and truffle risotto, and a soft drink for $10. The chicken was alright, nothing particularly fancy, the risotto quite tasty though frankly it looked a bit like baby food (but that's the nature of risotto I suppose!). Had the calamari (sze chuan pepper squid) for starters, which I enjoyed though it was a tad on the oily side. Wished they had the Japanese pulled pork wrap here, though I did spy the familiar Tri-pepper spaghettini here too.

      I preferred the food at the original branch, but to be fair I didn't try the main fare at this branch, but the set lunches are decent for the price point, and it's a nice place to chill out at. Parking in the Arab Street quarter can be a pain if you're not familiar with the area, so consider opting for the nearby Textile Centre or Concourse if you aren't so patient.

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    • 3 May 2013

      Don't look for the sign Bitters&Love, just head to the place called Shoebox Canteen! This is one of those places where the bartender just listens to your requests and whips up something for you. It's a little tricky, and you never quite know what to expect, but where's the fun in knowing right?

      I came with a group of 5 and we sat in one of the booths quite comfortably. The bartender came over and asked us individually on our preferences before heading back to the bar to mix up our drinks - each drink averages around $20.

      My drinks:
      - Drink 1: Sweet but not too syruppy - a tall glass with some citrus and tequila, I forget what the rest was, but it definitely fulfilled the requirements!
      - Drink 2: Whatever you feel like today, something exciting - that rather open request came back with the cutest drink - a ceramic mug with 2 small slices of toast and marmalade and a fancy gem biscuit on top, and inside was a cool mixture of breakfast tea, marmalade, egg white and gin - tasted fab and makes one feel like they're eating breakfast =)
      My other friends had more hits than misses with their drinks, and we had a whole variety of them, including an Old Fashioned whisky, and a mint julep which was encrusted with ice on the outside and rather strong!

      Food wise it's a pretty small bar menu, though food was generally quite tasty. The curried mussels were nice, as were the prawns and its sauce. Would have been nice to have more bread/fries to dip in the sauces! The chicken wings looked really small, but the plus side is they were all deboned so that was easy to munch, wouldn't fill up a hungry guy though!

      Overall great experience, would come back again after a more filling dinner elsewhere though! There is very limited parking just outside the restaurant along North Canal Road, and a slightly bigger public parking lot on the opposite side of the road.

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    • Japanese

      Kallang, Singapore

      3 May 2013
      First to Review

      The weirdest thing about this Japanese restaurant - they do not serve green tea. What type of Japanese restaurant doesn't serve green tea?!

      But that aside, they do have decent tasting set lunches in sizable portions - my Kaarage chicken set came with a bowl of soup, rice and 2 slices of oranges for $16. And despite the very open kitchen concept, they must have really good vents because you don't feel like you smell of the place when you leave.

      Small place though, can get crowded during peak lunch hour. Oddly we were there at about 1pm+ and it was rather empty, which is surprising for a weekday!

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    • 3 May 2013
      First to Review

      As usual, CM Marcus pulls out all the stops when it comes to YEEs! This time we did a beer-food pairing session, and he took pains to gift us all with a specially printed sheet, Yelp pen and bottle opener all packed in the cutest Yelp popcorn bag! Serious swag~

      Quite honestly, I was more about tasting the beers than actually figuring out if they went with the food, and man, there was a great deal of both! the folks at The Ground were busy churning food out of the kitchen and topping up our empty glasses the entire night.

      I was in a bit of a food coma by the end of it, but here's what I can tell you:

      Company: My table was rocking! We had the lovely Michelle M and hubby Miguel, soon to depart Kat B and her husband... and ok sorry I blanked out on the last 2 lovely ladies who came in a bit late, think the beer had kicked in by then, oops.

      Food: Great! The apple salad felt a bit like dessert (because I avoided the celery bits), the gourmet sausages topped with cherry tomatoes were delectable, the pizza was insanely spicy (my mouth just twitched at the thought) and the pasta was pretty delish.

      Beer: The sheer choice of beers available is pretty insane, I'm glad Amanda L took a picture of all the bottles, I completely forgot to do that. Michelle was a huge fan of the delirium Pink Elephant - it's a little strong for my liking, I think I liked the Magic Hats actually! And the Crabbies Ginger Beer surprise at the end was quite cool too.

      Thanks CM Marcus, the folk at The Ground and all the Yelpers who turned up and made the event a resounding success! And of course my +1 Pam T who joined me in eating Ponggol Nasi Lemak before the event! =)

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